Tiny Home Beauty

What’s the secret I wish someone would’ve told me decades ago?

If we start small, we can create our dream home almost instantaneously.

As children, we can play house in a tent. As teenagers, we can upgrade to a customized van. As twenty-somethings, we can convert a bus or buy a pod or build a THOW* from recycled materials. By middle-age we can move into a lovely RV, or design our own build-from-scratch tiny home. Etc.

All of these homes are affordable. And by taking care with how we craft the interiors, all of these homes can be beautiful.

By beautiful, I’m not just talking about what we can see. Beauty is how we feel, from the inside out, When we feel beautiful, we feel confident, empowered, and joyful.

Owning our home – with no rent, no mortgage, no loans, no debt – is beautiful.

Carefully choosing things to fill our home, and selecting only the Best Somethings: items that are [multi-]functional, long-lasting, and gorgeous, means beauty times three. Or four.

My tiny home is filled with over a hundred hand-crafted items, one-of-a-kind pieces collected from artisans all over the world. Every piece reminds me of the person who made it, and where I was when I chose it.

Beyond all these artistic pieces, my home contains hundreds of other more utilitarian items; items I spent hundreds of hours researching before I purchased them.

On my Essentials page, I preview the more important pieces, and provide links to where you can procure them.

May you find these thingy-ma-doobers as helpful as I do!


*Tiny Home on Wheels

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