Years ago, when I was struggling with how and where and with whom to live, one of those whoms asked me, “what exactly do you want?”



After a long pause,  I replied:

“I want to live in beauty and love.”

At the time I didn’t have a clear idea of what that meant. I knew of the Diné (Navajo) precept of walking in beauty – a blessing/prayer for living in beauty, balance, and goodness – but I didn’t know how to create this in my life.

And as regards to living in love – well, despite having “the United Nations of Jeanine’s Loves,” I was still checking off the Single box on my tax returns. Loads of fish in the sea, but no great catches, and certainly nothing I wanted to take home with me.

Confession: I’m still figuring things out. Along the way, I’ve racked up some hard-earned lessons. If they can be helpful, if they can save someone time, heartache, or money, then it’s worth it.

This website, and the video it is based on, is my journey.

Welcome aboard.

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