Beauty & Love Publishing Debut!

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A celebration of traditional culture. Each book features a different aspect of biocultural diversity. As of Summer 2021, these books have sold out twice!

If you are interested in purchasing an ebook version, please contact us.

Waterdog & the Love Charm, a delightfully mischievous tale told by Dry Creek Pomo Elizabeth “Belle” Lozinto Cordova Dollar (and edited by her great-niece Sherri Smith-Ferri) illustrates the close ties between nature and culture. (Out of print.)

In Pomo Cradle Baskets: An Introduction, Redwood Valley Pomo master weaver Corine Pearce describes the history, wild-crafting, distinct styles and contemporary use of traditional cradle baskets. This book can be purchased through BookBaby.

The Beadwork of Stewart Wilburn commemorates fifty years of stunning artistry by a renowned Wailaki/Tolowa/Pomo/Wintu elder whose work honors and represents the people and wildlife of Northern California. (Out of print.)

Author events can be scheduled by contacting Dr. Jeanine Pfeiffer.

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