Native authors featured in “California Wall” at Joann’s Fabric in Los Angeles

The original artwork of Beauty & Love authors Corine Pearce (Redwood Valley Pomo) and Stewart Wilburn (Pomo/Wailaki/Tolowa/Wintu) is featured in a new national exhibit at the JoAnn Fabric’s flagship store in Los Angeles.

The JoAnn Fabric and Craft store on Hawthorne Boulevard in Torrance, California, has installed a “History Wall” dedicated to California artists and makers. Corine and Stewart’s art is accompanied by works done by noteworthy ceramicists, painters, sculptors, and textile, paper, and collage artists.

Over a year in the making, the installation was delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The floor-to-ceiling exhibit, running along one side of the immense store, consists of a series of gallery boxes with artwork nestled within each box. Explanatory text is printed next to each set of boxes.

Stewart made a beaded deerskin vest specifically commissioned by Joann’s Fabrics for the exhibit. His vest is alongside the panel box featuring Corine’s original woven baskets, both positioned in the first section of the exhibit. Corine’s testimony, photos, and video footage of her weaving and gathering plants are included in the film made by Joann’s featuring the artists.

Beauty & Love is excited to see our artists-authors making waves in communities far from their homesteads. When it feels safe to do so, we encourage everyone to make a trip to Southern California to see this beautiful exhibit.

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